Mission House hosts Vicar’s Landing residents


On Thursday, March 22, Mission House hosted 20 residents of Vicar’s Landing who support the Beaches homeless day facility.

"Some of the residents had not seen Mission House since the remodel, completed in 2015, and some are not able to drive," said Lori Anderson, Mission House executive director.  "Thanks to event sponsors Lynn Klopf and John Tissue, we were able to have the Vicar's bus bring our friends here."

Guests were given a tour of the new facility and free clinic and treated to appetizers donated by Mangroves Catering, which is owned by Greg Thompson (www.mangrovescatering.com). 

“It means a lot for us to have our donors see what their donations are doing to help those in need,” added Anderson. “They are the reason we assisted 94 men and women into housing last year. Because of the generous community support, we accomplish our goal of getting those affected by homelessness into housing and getting a roof over their heads.”

Discussion at the event included the Mission House $1 million endowment goal that is currently at $659,000 in pledges and gifts.

"We only have a short way to go to make our goal to assure hope for the future of Mission House,” said Anderson. “We've been here for 21 years and want to make sure we are here for many, many more helping those in need.”

Visit http://www.missionhousejax.org/mission-house-endowment/ for more information.