Monique Burr Foundation for Children introduces new program

MBF Teen Safety Matters to address safety, wellbeing among middle schoolers


The Monique Burr Foundation for Children (MBF) recently launched a new program to prevent child abuse and bullying among teenagers, complementing the MBF Child Safety Matters curriculum for elementary students.

MBF Teen Safety Matters was formally introduced Wednesday, Sept. 28 at the University of North Florida. The program is intended for students in grades six through eight and addresses the emotional, physical and digital well-being of children in addition to teaching them how to prevent, recognize and respond to bullying and abuse.

The standardized curriculum will consist of three, 45-minute lessons addressing issues such as competent self-care, cyberbullying, human trafficking and digital citizenship.

“We are thrilled and grateful that funding and support have combined to launch this needed program,” MBF Founder and Chairman Ed Burr said. “Due to the generous funding from the attorney general’s office, state of Florida; the Mazda Foundation and the Community First Cares Foundation, we are able to begin offering this program in our middle schools in some areas of Northeast Florida.”

Burr noted the pertinence of the program, recognizing the need for comprehensive lessons on personal safety throughout adolescence.

“Our current program, MBF Child Safety Matters, is implemented in elementary schools throughout Florida,” he continued. “We know that expanding the proven principles of this program through the middle school years will help our youth. These programs are research-based and evidence-informed prevention education.”

Craig Comfort, Mazda southeast region marketing manager, expressed gratitude at that need being addressed, as did Missy Peters, executive director of Community First Cares Foundation.

“Through our support of the Monique Burr Foundation, we are making strides to stop bullying, promote internet safety and working to stop all types of abuse,” Comfort said.

Peters agreed.

“The Community First Cares Foundation is proud to provide this grant to help being the MBF Teen Safety Matters program,” she said. “Our funders – employees, partners and vendors – trust us to choose meaningful community programs that align with our mission.”