MSD board elects new officers


The Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Service District (MSD) board elected Gary Jurenovich as chairman, John Cellucci as vice-chairman and John Wegl as treasurer at the board’s meeting on Monday, Jan. 8 at the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library.

Wegl, who served as the chairman for 2017, kicked off the election process by nominating Jurenovich to replace him. Jurenovich served as vice-chairman in 2017 and has been on the MSD board for 12 years, serving as chairman for five years, vice-chairman for three years and treasurer for four years during his tenure. He is currently nearing the end of his third four-year term as a MSD trustee. He first served two consecutive terms and then had to take a term off due to term limits. Then, he was reelected to serve his current term.

Murle Harrison, who served as the treasurer for 2017, seconded Wegl’s nomination of Jurenovich.

Trustee Kitty Switkes, however, nominated trustee Brad Wester as chairman. She said the same two people have chaired the board the last four to six years and suggested that it’s time for a change at the helm.

Wester accepted the nomination, saying he would be willing, able and motivated to take on the role, but would look to the support of board veterans like Jurenovich and Wegl for guidance.

Jurenovich said 2018 will be challenging given the current situation with Ponte Vedra’s beaches and the county’s fiscal status. He also noted a new county commissioner will be appointed in 2018. As a result, Jurenovich contended that the new chairman will have to have an abundance of contacts to accomplish the board’s goals, as the role requires daily contact with county officials and sometimes the state.

“I have done it before and I can do it again,” said Jurenovich in an email to the Recorder. “It’s just work and knowledge of the system of government we have here in the county.”

Cellucci agreed, saying the board needs the experience of Jurenovich at the helm. The board ultimately elected Jurenovich to the post.

As for the position of vice-chairman, trustee Greg Wong kicked off the appointment process and nominated Wester. Harrison seconded that nomination. Jurenovich, however, nominated Cellucci, which was seconded by Wegl.

Jurenovich pointed to the work that Cellucci has accomplished with Republic Services over the past year as a contributing factor for his nomination.

“Nobody wants to do garbage, and I think John wrapped his arms around that and did just a fantastic job,” said Jurenovich. “That was a bull in a China shop, and he managed to wrestle that bull pretty dog gone well.”

He added that Cellucci is retired, which will enable him to attend every meeting.

Wester agreed, saying he can’t speak any less of the work Cellucci has done with Republic. In vouching for himself, though, Wester pointed to his efforts of restoring three beach accesses over the past year.

“There’s one main reason we all move to this area, and it’s for the access and the mental elbow room that the beach gives us,” said Wester. “Whether or not you actually use it, you know it’s there. Certainly making the beach access functional and safe and high quality for everyone is key.”

The board ultimately elected Cellucci as vice-chairman and consequently elected Wegl as treasurer.

Also at the MSD meeting, the board voted to acquire a credit card with a limit of $1,000 for district uses.

The next MSD meeting is Monday, Feb. 12 in the library’s small conference room.