Neil H. Barnett letter to the editor


This letter is to provide correction and clarity to the community regarding some posting of inaccurate claims, pictures and descriptions of 347 N. Roscoe, a property that I own on the North Roscoe extension. 

The pictures that have been published on social media and in this publication are NOT pictures of 347 N. Roscoe, nor does the lot or the extension on North Roscoe fit any description of what has been written. The property is 150 feet x 400 feet, and the intention is to divide the lot into two standard 75-foot x 400-foot, 0.7-acre lots. 

I have lived on the North Roscoe extension for seven years and am interested in building on one-half of the current 1.38-acre parcel. In order to sell half of the lot for the purpose of building a home, it must be rezoned, and the required procedures have been followed meticulously to apply for such. 

I assure you, as a long time Palm Valley resident and advocate, I do not have any malicious intent and have been assured by the Planning and Zoning Agency (PZA) of St. Johns County that this small scale amendment to be presented for hearing will not establish any leverage or "precedent" for any past or future rezoning requests. And I have worked arduously with the PZA for over a year in this process. 

I was present at the last Palm Valley Community Association meeting in September and was very pleased at the reception as I was introduced and allowed a few minutes to describe the lot and my intention. I thank my community and neighbors in their consideration and support of this request. As a constituent of District 4, I will continue to advocate for the preservation of our neighborhoods and green areas here in Palm Valley.


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