New business offers personal training to locals age 55 and older


After a decade of building and managing athletic and recreational facilities throughout the country, Daniel Piastuck has – along with wife Gemma – launched a personal training venture locally.

First Coast Function helps people age 55 and older to improve their health and fitness while in their own homes or preferred outdoor spaces, eliminating the need to join a gym.

Piastuck assists clients in building and maintaining their balance, mobility and strength. The service specializes in functional movement and resistance training.

The need to keep fit is especially relevant as self-quarantining has meant reduced activity for many. And some people are concerned about their ability to maintain social distancing in public exercise spaces, giving the at-home service a special appeal.

The need to stay fit is particularly an issue for older people. Strength, mobility and stability begin to decline after age 30, a reduction that deepens as a person ages.

First Coast Function’s service is customized for the individual and is for people of all fitness levels. It creates healthy habits one step at a time.

“Every program is individual to the person: their needs, their wants, their goals,” said Piastuck.

Piastuck helps the client progress through six levels: stability, mobility, balance, coordination, movement and strength.

Typically, a client purchases a package of four or eight sessions, which are normally conducted on a weekly basis.

“I feel if you give us the opportunity to meet with you four to eight times, you’ll feel there has been an improvement,” Piastuck said.

The person may then choose to renew the service for another four to eight sessions to continue further along the path to better fitness.

The business also offers a mobile application through which Piastuck can coach people.

Piastuck is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer, an ACE functional training specialist and a Zibrio balance specialist. He is a former NCAA Division I swimmer. He operated a swim school in New York and managed recreation and aquatic centers for companies in Manhattan, for Walt Disney World and for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Piastucks purchased a home in Nocatee two-and-a-half years ago after visiting the area.

“We fell in love with the community on a quick weekend trip down here,” Piastuck said.

Currently, the service is available in St. Johns and Duval counties. Piastuck hopes to grow the business to add a staff and enlarge its coverage area.

To contact First Coast Function, email or call 631-523-3589.