New dog park offering coffee, beer and wine to open in Neptune Beach


A dog park is opening in Neptune Beach in early 2019 that will serve patrons Bold Bean coffee, local craft beer and wine on tap.

To be located at 2157 Poinciana Road, BrewHound is estimated to open in January or February 2019, with construction slated to start in August 2018. The business will encompass one acre of space featuring a concession-style bar, a large dog park and a separately fenced small dog park. The space will feature pet-friendly artificial turf.

BrewHound was created by Lauren Wyckoff and Jason Underwood, a Beaches couple who grew tired of coming home from work and not having a place to both relax and play with their dogs.

“We would come home from work and want to have a beer and get something to eat, but then your dogs had been inside all day,” Wyckoff said. “We thought what if you can have a dog park and still get your coffee, beer or whatever you want, and your dog is playing around.”

BrewHound will have monitors on-site, Wyckoff noted, to allow dog owners to enjoy themselves without having to pay full attention to their pets. The monitors will also watch for any aggressive behavior between dogs, and ensure they are protected from the heat.

In addition, the new business will offer prepackaged food, and host events on a consistent basis that incorporate local pet adoption and rescue organizations.

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