New Life Healthcare hosts Chamber ‘After Hours’ event


New Life Healthcare hosted an “After Hours” event Wednesday, Jan. 24, for the Ponte Vedra Beach Division of the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members gathered at the event for food, drinks and live music from local guitarist Chase Rideman of Chillula.

"It was a really good time," said Dr. Sean Tracy of New Life Healthcare. "We had a great turnout between the Chamber of Commerce members here in Ponte Vedra and some of my friends and family and patients coming out to show their support."

Tracy, a Jacksonville Beach native, is the founder and clinic director of New Life Healthcare, a family-owned business that provides patients with chiropractic care, regenerative medicine and other forms of treatment.

Tracy graduated as valedictorian of Duncan U. Fletcher High School and then completed his undergraduate studies at University of Florida with a major in exercise physiology and a minor in business administration. After working for a year in an integrated chiropractic and medical clinic under the guidance of Dr. Mark Pierce, Tracy attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. Certified in Advanced Orthogonal Technique, Tracy subsequently started his practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, which he said also offers care for patients seeking better posture and balance.

"We focus on providing patients with another option to fixing their problems," Tracy said. "We give them a very caring, consistent and excellent care. Patients who've had issues they haven't been able to find much help for in the past, we're giving them new and exciting options to treat whatever it is that's bothering them."

Among those options are soundwave adjustments that realign the spine without the usual pushing, cracking or popping caused by regular chiropractic care.

"Because we do it so gentle and specific, patients actually hold their adjustments here rather than having to come back over and over again forever," Tracy said.

New Life's stem cell therapy is re-growing cartilage, tendons and ligaments in joints to heal patients, Tracy added, and the regenerative medicine offered by the facility is helping patients get back on their feet and avoid surgery.

Furthermore, Tracy said New Life Healthcare offers free consultations – and they don’t just treat injuries.

"Injuries are a lot of times what usually drives people to seek care," he said. "But we love to take care of patients and just help them live a better life. Whether it's fixing posture or correcting imbalances or just simply removing any pressure, interference off the nervous system and allowing the body to heal and function fully like it was designed to."

For more information on the practice, which is located at 1102 A1A North in suite 105, visit or call (904) 763-9707.