New this year: QR codes

New feature will provide additional info about featured auto show cars


A new technological-driven feature will be available at the 2015 Ponte Vedra Auto Show — QR codes that when scanned via a smartphone device, will provide the user with additional information about a particular auto show car.

Each car, if they register early enough, will have a QR code on their participant’s sheet located on the car window.

The QR code will link to the Ponte Vedra Auto Show website where additional facts about the cars including make, model, year, interior/exterior colors, cylinder size, engine size, etc., as well as individual stories regarding such things as the car’s history and a photograph of the car, if provided, can be accessed.

Most car enthusiasts like to share detailed history about their cars, Beau Phillips, communications manager for the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce said.

“A lot of these cars have individual stories passed down through the years,” Phillips noted.

The idea to include QR codes as part of this year’s program was that of Irina Finkler, St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Ponte Vedra Beach Division member, who is also on this year’s auto show committee.

Finkler, who owns Local Marketing Factory, LLC a Ponte Vedra-based business, works with technology in building apps and websites for her customers and thought the use the QR codes would be a nice addition to the car show program.

In order to scan the QR codes, you need to have a QR code-reader app installed on your smartphone. There are many available for iPhones or Android devices, just visit your app store.

“The earlier the vehicles are able to register, the more information we are able to share about them… information is a great addition into any program. The more information we can share, the better the program,” Phillips said.

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