North Florida women ‘Unite for Trump’ at Sawgrass Country Club event


Angelia Savage recalled the time two young men in their 20s came into Trump Tower and wanted to look at some apartments.

A former Miss Florida and now the host of Jacksonville’s “The Chat,” Savage didn’t think the young men could possibly afford the building’s multimillion-dollar residences and thought it would be a waste of time to give them a tour. Her boss, Donald Trump, set her straight.

“He said, ‘Angelia, this is a lesson for you – never, ever discriminate; never judge a book by its cover,’” she said. “He doesn’t discriminate and he didn’t expect me to, either.”

Savage showed the men some units, and the next day they purchased not one, but two multimillion-dollar apartments.

It was but one of the many lessons Savage learned during the seven years she worked for Trump, she said last week at a “Women Uniting for Trump” event. Held Sept. 15 at Sawgrass Country Club, the event organized by Janet Westling and Duval Republican Party Chairwoman Cindy Graves attracted 250 First Coast women supporting Trump’s candidacy for president.

Savage dispelled many of the misconceptions she said both the public and the mainstream media have about her former boss. Far from being an arrogant and aloof millionaire, she said, the Donald Trump she knows is a kind, devoted family man who invests his time in teaching and mentoring employees at every level of his organization.

“He treats everyone equally – from the grounds keepers to the highest executives,” she said, adding that Trump has great respect for women, who make up the majority of his employees.

“It angers me no end,” Savage said, “to hear someone say he doesn’t like women.”Above all, she said, Trump’s skills as a negotiator and his ability to fix problems will make him a great president.

“He’s a great troubleshooter – he fixes things before they’re broken and he’ll do that for America,” she said. “He’s also a great listener; he’ll get everyone in the room’s opinion on an issue before making a decision. That’s a great quality to have in a leader.”

Savage’s comments resonated with the audience of Trump supporters, many of whom took turns at the microphone to share their reasons for supporting Trump’s candidacy.

Patricia Rutherford, wife of former Jacksonville Sheriff and congressional candidate John Rutherford, said she is supporting Trump because she cares about her grandchildren and the world in which they’ll grow up.

“Many of the reasons people don’t like Trump are the reasons I support him,” she said. “He is tough on foreign policy and will stand up for America. How can anyone honestly say the world is safer after eight years of so-called diplomacy?”

Several attendees said Trump’s experience as a successful businessman was key to their support for him.

“I don’t care that he’s not a policy wonk,” Andrea Anthony said. “He’s not a politician – he tells it like it is. And he knows how to surround himself with great people.”

Robin Albaneze agreed. “He’s a good businessman,” she said. “I think he’ll bring in the best of the very best to run the country.”

Peterbrooke Chocolatier founder Phyllis Geiger said her support for Trump was rooted in her family’s long support for independence and American values that stretches back to the Revolutionary War in which her ancestor fought.

“Throughout history, we have always been good Americans,” Geiger said, “and now to be called deplorable makes my blood boil.”

Congressional candidate Glo Smith said her support for Trump disproves the media’s contention that few if any African Americans are supporting Trump’s candidacy.

“I’m here to tell you there are more of us than they will ever tell you,” Smith said.

Noting that she was raised in the projects of Jacksonville by a mother “who told me you can be whatever you want,” Smith said, “I was taught to vote across party lines and to vote for the best candidate.”In this election, she said, that candidate is Donald Trump.

“We have waited too long for a man to step up and lead us in the direction we want to go.”