One of Us: Brian Dodds


As president of Dodds Wealth Advisors (DWA), Brian Dodds provides financial planning, wealth management and retirement planning services that offer local families peace of mind. He lives in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife, Sarah, and sons Bennett, 2, and newborn Roman.

What brought you to the First Coast?

DWA is a family owned and operated business founded in Ohio. We were looking to expand our reach and service to others and thought the Jacksonville area was a great fit for us.

What services does Dodds Wealth Advisors provide?

DWA provides holistic financial planning and wealth management services on a completely independent basis. Conservative investors choose to do business with us because we help them reduce the risks associated with saving, investing and managing their wealth.

What distinguishes your business from other wealth management firms?

Our business is walking beside people in servant leadership. Our niche is income solutions so that all of your energy can be focused on achieving your higher purpose. We give our clients clarity and confidence about their future.

Dodds Wealth Advisors is a family business. How do you think that benefits your clients?

DWA currently has 10 family members working in our firm. Our clients like the fact that there is a succession plan in place and that we will be here to serve them for many generations to come. Our clients also have confidence knowing that whomever they speak with in our organization has the same set of high values and integrity, always putting the client first.

What is the most common question you hear from clients?

The most common questions we hear is “Will I have enough retirement income to enjoy life and not worry about the next market downturn?”

Are there any topics or issues to which you believe people should pay more attention?

My advice would be to focus on things that are uplifting in life. Pay attention to things that will make your marriage better, make you a better team player at work, make you a better neighbor or friend, make you strong in your faith, make you a better you.

A new presidential administration can create economic uncertainty in the markets. Do you have any advice for people on navigating this transition period?

Change is always scary. It’s just how we are wired as human beings. But we have been here before, and having a sound financial plan should give you more clarity and confidence about your future regardless of who is president.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and two sons, flying as a private pilot, playing golf and staying involved in my local church.

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