One of Us: Danny Johnson


Johnson simultaneously found success in the corporate world working as an operations manager for a large company in Jacksonville while fostering a successful comedy career. He’s blended the knowledge that he’s learned from both career paths and written a guide book on how to have a successful job interview. 

“The more I can blend from what I’ve learned from comedy and from my experience in the corporate word, the larger group of people I can help,” Johnson said. Johnson lives in Ponte Vedra with his wife and two children. His book, You Stink and They Know It! A practical guide to nailing your next job interview, is available on Amazon. In addition to working as an operations manager, comedian and now author, Johnson also works as an actor and has done voice over work as well. His next ambition involves teaching job interviewing skills to groups in an entertaining and informative way. 

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Long Island, New York. I moved down here to finish up my college at USF in Tampa, and my family moved from Long Island to Jacksonville shortly thereafter and I followed suit. It was in Jacksonville where I actually got my start in comedy. I had only done it once before up in Long Island when I was 18 and then just wrote a ton of stuff and then finally committed to it when I came down to Jacksonville.

What do you like about the area?

I love the relaxed atmosphere, I love the ability to drive to the beach or downtown in a matter of 20 minutes rather than sitting in traffic or this or that and there’s a lot of opportunity here in Florida for what I do: for comedy, for writing, for speaking — all that good stuff. It’s always a quick commute to wherever you’d like to go. 

Tell me about your book. 

Everyone’s going to go through a job interview eventually. They’re not necessarily going to be maybe leaving the company, but a promotion or maybe it is another company or a lateral move in their current company. I’ve met a bunch of people who have put off or are afraid to do interviews and then months or years later complain there’s no opportunity because they’re just so frightened of it — they don’t know what to say, how to say it. I’ve facilitated a ton of interviews — countless. I’ve written interview questions from entry level to leadership, so I know what they’re asking and why they’re asking it and better yet, I know how to respond. What I learned in stand-up is how to handle high pressure situations. I’ve done shows in front of four people and 4,000 people. I can give advice on how to break the ice and what kind of things you need to bring to the table to just make it an easy flowing conversation because they’re really hiring you — not your resume. And you have about 10 seconds to win them over first of all; that first impression is almost everything. 

Tell me about your workshops.

It’s really an extension of what I do one-on-one. I’ve mentored a lot of people through job interviews, even in smaller groups, and this book kind of collects all those ideas. I want to do that on a larger scale — be funny and make it fun for those who attend. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My free time is spent with my family. I live in Nocatee; there’s a lot of amenities there. I really enjoy the beaches, the Nocatee area, and writing and reading. I’m constantly creating new material for my show, I’m working on additional resources for teens for interviews. My goal is to interview as many companies that I see hire in that teen area and just share that insight with the folks who could use it. 

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