One of Us - Dasher


DASHER: “You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen…” Or so the song goes! How much do we really know about the crew that helps Santa each year? Rudolph tends to stay in the spotlight throughout the holiday season -- but here at The Recorder, we wanted to know more about the hard-working reindeer who make up the rest of Santa’s team.
That’s why we caught up with Dasher the reindeer, who carved out a little time during the week before the big day to tell us more about what it takes to pull Santa’s sleigh.

Do you feel like Rudolph hogs the spotlight?

Of course not! No, you should think of Rudolph as the face of Santa’s reindeer. He’s the PR guy because he’s got the name and he’s got… well, the nose. If we didn’t have a representative, we’d be scattered around the world all season giving interviews and posing in photo ops. Rudolph has earned all the attention he gets. He’s a real work horse! Er, work… deer…

Is the North Pole chaotic this close to Christmas?

Not at all. It’s like the calm before the storm. We have 364 days a year to prepare for Christmas Eve, and we’ve all been doing this for so long that the whole affair runs like a well-oiled machine. We spend the day resting, eating well, warming up. 

What is your specialty as a part of Santa’s team?

I’m true to my name – I help the team work on speed.

Is speed an important component of your job delivering gifts?

Absolutely. We’re never late and we never miss a house – but it’s not just speed. I can’t take all the credit. Training speed is just one part of how we prepare. I have the guys and gals running sprints during the training season. Vixen gets us into shape with strength training and Comet keeps us doing endurance. 

What does the team do when you’re finished with your duties on Christmas day?


No, we tend to get back to the stables and crash for a while, but we celebrate Christmas together too. For the past few years, the elves have thrown an incredible block party for everyone at the ‘Pole. We have a big potluck and Mrs. Claus was in charge of setting up a bonfire last year. We work hard and play hard – but making time for our families and friends is really important this time of year.