One of Us: Dr. Melinda Greenfield


Jacksonville native Dr. Melinda Greenfield recently returned to the First Coast after building a thriving dermatology practice in Georgia. The mother of Nathan, 15, and Josie, 12, is now practicing in Ponte Vedra, offering a full range of both medical and aesthetic services and procedures. 

You recently returned to Jacksonville after 16 years in Georgia. What brought you back to the First Coast?

I grew up in Jacksonville, but my family moved away to Maryland when I started high school. I attended high school and college in Maryland. My family moved back to Jacksonville when I started medical school so I chose a medical school in Florida. After my dermatology residency in Bronx, New York, I purchased my cousin’s practice in Albany, Georgia and was there for 16 years. My parents, Gail and Stanley Greenfield, moved to Albany for a few years after my youngest child was born, but they moved back to Jacksonville about three years ago. I knew I would eventually make my way back to the area. My son just started high school at Ponte Vedra and my daughter just started middle school at Landrum. So, this was a great time to transition everyone. It’s so nice to be back in the Jacksonville area but it’s nothing like I remember growing up here over 35 years ago.  

What services does your dermatology practice provide?

I focus mainly on the medical aspects of a dermatology practice – acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, mole checks, etc. With my very busy practice in Albany, I got used to seeing everyone, everything and all ages. I also offer Botox and fillers and chemical peels as well as a variety of skin care items. 


Do you specialize in treating any particular dermatological conditions?

I treat everything and all ages. I especially enjoy my more challenging psoriasis patients. 

What first piqued your interest in dermatology?

My cousin, from whom I purchased the Albany, Ga. practice, was a huge inspiration to me. I saw that he loved what he did and it motivated me to excel in school so I could garner one of the prized dermatology residency positions. Dermatology is a highly desired specialty because we have the benefit of seeing mostly healthy patients and we are often in the front line of finding a variety of disease processes that show up early in the skin. 

What do you enjoy most about being a dermatologist?

I enjoy taking care of folks of all ages and being in a position to educate on so many levels. The skin is the window to the inside of our bodies, and understanding and recognizing certain subtle findings can offer clues to more systemic diseases that might show up years later. 

I enjoy teaching young adults about acne and healthy skin care, and embracing a healthy lifestyle as well as offering advice for all ages about how to be “sun smart” while enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. I’m also excited about some of the procedures now offered that can help prevent skin cancers down the road. 

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I enjoy cooking, hiking, travel, any type of exercise, being outside (with a hat and sunscreen on) and spending time with my family. I have also become a master of brewing my own kombucha tea, sprouting, and anything related to living a healthy lifestyle.