One of Us: Gary Jurenovich


Gary Jurenovich is the vice chairman of the Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Service District (MSD) Board and a longtime resident of the area. He is also a partner in a Visiting Angels franchise that operates in the San Marco/Mandarin area of Jacksonville. 


What are your roles and responsibilities as a MSD trustee?

I am currently serving as vice chairman and the past two years served as chairman. My individual responsibilities as MSD trustee are to serve as the liaison for the sheriff’s office deputies that are assigned to patrol the MSD. I also am responsible for roads and bridges as well as street signs and safety.


You’ve served on the MSD Board for 11 years. What makes it so important to you?

It is an opportunity to give back a little to the community, to the neighborhood that I call home. I think everyone desires to live in a nice place and to have a welcoming neighborhood. It only takes a few who can motivate many to help make this happen, and that is what will make the difference. I have had the chance to serve with so many wonderful people who were MSD trustees that became mentors.  All of that hard work is what makes the MSD a great place to live.


What other civic efforts do you take part in around the community? 

I regularly attend our county commission meetings to keep informed on issues that will affect the MSD.  I help and support the annual 5K race held on the Fourth of July here in the MSD and support any athletic event in our area such as the Donna and the BFAST Triathlons at Micklers.  I just recently graduated from the 27th class of the Sherriff’s Civilian Law Enforcement Academy.


Can you please tell us about your professional background?

We provide homecare services for seniors.  I have worked with my business partner since 1999, and he was recently voted to be president elect for his Rotary club. We are both civic-minded and try hard to work for seniors as well as for our individual communities.


What brought you to Ponte Vedra?

I accepted my first job out of college with a company that put me in Jacksonville. It wasn’t long before I discovered the beach and bought a beach cruiser, spending every weekend riding around and soaking up the sun. One day I decided to ride south to see what was down that way. When I finally turned around, I found that I was in a stiff breeze so I got up on the street that was Ponte Vedra Boulevard.  Right where I got on the road, there was a sign advertising a lot for sale.  I came back the next day, bought the lot and built a house. That was in 1982.  


What do you enjoy most about living on the First Coast?

I am an early riser and nature lover.  I just have to be outside whenever possible.  North Florida is absolutely beautiful and has so much to offer. My wife and my son and I are always at the beach, riding bikes, fishing or just walking and looking for shark teeth.  I’ve been to a lot of places and different cities. I’ve enjoyed having dinner with friends at some nice restaurants. But, take a cup of coffee and go watch the sun come up at the beach. It will make you appreciate each and every day you have had the privilege to be on this earth.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend time with my family. My son just graduated from Ponte Vedra High and will be starting college this fall, so I am very proud of him.  We like to fish, ride bikes on the beach and wash the mud off of our trucks. My wife is my best friend; I could not do the things I enjoy without her by my side. Naturally when she wants to do something, I will lean that way. But what guy wouldn’t?