One of Us: Michele McManamon


As tournament chairman for the 2016 PLAYERS Championship, Michele McManamon oversees the more than 2,000 volunteers who help make the tournament the successful event that it is. McManamon’s role as chairman is the culmination of her long volunteer association with THE PLAYERS Championship – a relationship that capitalizes on her skills as both a business owner and the founder of nonprofit organization that aids returning veterans.


How did you first come to be involved as a tournament volunteer? 

A friend and past chair, Tommy Douglas, invited me to a meeting THE PLAYERS was hosting to give recognition to the local charities they support. After the meeting, I told Tommy I couldn’t wait to get involved in what THE PLAYERS was doing to making such a huge impact in our community. I’ve been involved with THE PLAYERS for over 15 years and worked on committees such as corporate hospitality, practice round markers, VIP parking, volunteer shuttle, benefactor hospitality, and vice chair over each division – which eventually led to becoming the tournament chairman.

Have there been other women tournament chairman in the past? 

Yes, there were two other women before me: Ann Nimnicht in 1997 and Theresa Green Hazel in 1999.

What is the most challenging part about holding a volunteer position like this?  The most rewarding? 

The most challenging part of being in the leadership role is the time. My husband and I own our own business, which gives us flexibility but (volunteering) also takes time away from running it. The most rewarding part is giving the checks to all of the amazing charities we serve! 

Many people may not be aware of the charitable aspect of THE PLAYERS Championship. Can you tell us a bit about that, and how your role as tournament chairman impacts that?  

Since the staff at THE PLAYERS is small, they rely on volunteers to donate their time to help with the operations of the tournament. We do everything from marshaling to parking to ecology (which is a nice way of saying trash). We have over 2,000 volunteers working over the course of the week and some that work just about all year round. By staffing most of the positions with volunteers, most of the proceeds from the tournament go to our charities throughout Northeast Florida. 

The chairman’s role is to promote the merits of the tournament’s economic impact and involvement in the community. In conjunction with the vice chairs, the chairman creates initiatives that engage the volunteers and respond to the ever-changing growth of the tournament. PLAYERS PRIDE is one example of engaging the volunteers.  There are three factors of PLAYERS PRIDE: cleanliness, courtesy and safety.

You and your husband own a business together, Sandler Training. What services do you offer?  

Sandler Training offers a wide range of Sales and Sales Management programs for companies of all sizes to assist in creating structure and processes to grow their business. Much like professional golfers, professional sales people must practice their skills and improve their techniques in order to remain relevant and ahead of the competition. At Sandler, we provide that environment.

Has your training experience proven useful in your role as tournament chairman?  

Yes, from the perspective that we not only train but we coach our clients. With coaching comes the need for encouragement, motivation and organization. 

What is “Operation New Uniform” and what role do you play in the organization?  

Operation New Uniform is a 501c3 nonprofit that trains veterans and their families for fulfilling careers, and develops their skills as they grow in an organization.  My position with ONU is co-founder and board chair.

How do you and your family enjoy spending your free time? 

We enjoy having meals with friends and family, working out, hanging at the beach and most importantly counting our blessings that God has provided us!