One of Us: Patrick L. Basile, M.D.


Patrick L. Basile, M.D., just opened his plastic surgery and wellness practice in Jacksonville Beach this month. Basile lives in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife Shannon and their children. The couple are the proud parents of six children, ranging in age from one year to 20 years old. So, it’s no surprise that Basile describes himself as very family-oriented. He’s hoping that family feeling will translate to his practice, where he wants patients to feel at ease in a relaxing environment. “I’m very family oriented,” Basile said. “This is also the type of feeling we want to give our patients — that they are part of our family and they’ll just be excited to share their experience with others and want to help our family grow and touch as many people as we can,” he said. For more, visit

Where are you from originally?

I was actually born in Bogotá, Colombia. I was in an orphanage and was adopted as an infant by a family from New York and was brought to the United States. After five years, I went to the New York Supreme Court, raised my hand and became a citizen. I grew up on Long Island. The big thing about that for me is that had I not been adopted, my circumstances might be very different. So for me, every day is a gift and something that I never take for granted. I met my wife after our freshman year at Boston College, and I’ve been together with her for 22 years.

Tell me about your medical background. 

I went to medical school in what’s called the Health Profession Scholarship Program through the Department of Defense, the Navy. So I had a Naval scholarship. After I did my training in New York, I went active duty right at the start of the Afghani war conflict. While I was at the National Naval Medical Center, which then became named the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, I was the Assistant Chief of Plastic Surgery there and the Director of Microsurgery for five years and then when we finished our active duty time, we decided to move back here, which is where my wife is from. She’s from Orange Park. So that’s how we ended up back here; we moved here in August of 2014.

What did you enjoy about your time with the Navy?

I’ve had the ability to travel around the world and teach; I still do. I’m also heavily involved in giving back and doing humanitarian missions — that’s going to be something that we eventually do out of our practice. In the military, I ran the Department of Defense’s cleft palate and cleft lip mission, so every year I would go to the Dominican Republic and do mission work on people who didn’t have access to medical care and had these congenital deformities. So that’s really something that’s important to us. As a practice, as our family, we want to give back and continue that. 

What types of services will your practice offer?

It’s pretty much the gamut: everything from surgical to minimally invasive to non-invasive plastic surgery. Our wellness portion is dealing with nutrition and overall health. It’s a big part of plastic surgery that I think gets overlooked. Our ideal is to help the inside as well as the outside, and if we can match those together, I think you get an optimal outcome — whether it’s reconstruction or it’s asthenic work. Plans include offering fitness instruction such as Pilates and yoga, nutritional coaching, and skincare. Shannon, my wife, has a background in fitness and Pilates, so ultimately, as part of the wellness portion of the practice.