One of Us: Pixie Larizza


A resident of Neptune Beach, Pixie Larizza is a local artist, teacher at UNF and retired massage therapist.

Can you please briefly tell us about your background?

I am a native of Jacksonville. It was my dream from childhood to have my own business.  I spent 12 years after high school working with small companies in their bookkeeping/finance departments (learning how to run a business from the financial side). In 1990, I opened my massage practice and spent 28 years in the holistic wellness/education field as a licensed massage therapist and teacher (UNF, Baptist Health and FSCJ). I’ve been a business owner since 1990.

How did you develop a passion for art?

I have always loved color and as an adult would periodically have “art days” with girlfriends where we would paint flower pots, floor mats, broom handles, mandalas and anything else we could find. The fun and relaxation of the day always left me feeling refreshed and inspired. My mom was also an influencer in that realm: We would hit any and all art shows in our area during my teen years, and I loved seeing the creative ideas/products that the artists had.

What’s the story of Pixieglas?

In 2002, I attended a workshop on using art for “process” instead of “product.”  The entire weekend was putting paint to paper and slowly, my brain began to unclog. There was a freedom in not thinking of what the outcome of any painting would be and letting it unfold organically. Of course, I bought all the supplies to replicate the process at home. It wasn’t the same, yet I knew that finding a way to process my emotions/thoughts through color was important. Being a fan of all things glass, I decided to purchase a few pots of glass paint and see where that led. I also loved the idea that I would be creating art that would be FUNctional. 

 So, I sat down at my dining room table (that would serve as my studio for a few years) and painted four wine glasses. Two Christmas colors and two Hanukkah colors (my husband is Jewish), and Pixieglas™ was born. The rest they say is herstory! I painted and painted and after a few years, people started wanting to purchase my work. Art shows soon followed. After that, friends wanted to paint with me, which was the beginning of Glas Clas™.  Now I offer individual classes, groups, events and classes at UNF on how to paint on glass, with an underlying theme of “relaxation therapy.”

 Even now, I seldom approach my studio time with a plan in place. Typically, I will paint a few pieces and see where that leads. Sometimes new designs will surface, which is always a blessing. Other times, I may end up painting the same designs the entire day with some variation. Pixieglas™ continues to grow and develop with new designs and products. Over the last three years, I have researched and explored how to take my designs and put them on clothing. This is how Art You Wear ™ was born. I always knew that my designs would look great on clothing and once the idea hatched, moving forward to make it happen was the only option.

 What products do you offer?

Pixieglas™ ranges from all types of glass and ceramic pieces: wine, martini, champagne, margarita glasses and more, to vases of all sizes and shapes. Christmas ornaments, platters and bowls and even light bulbs have been requested.

 Art You Wear™ line encompasses colorful scarves, sheer wraps and leggings showing off some of my most popular Pixieglas™ designs.

How can people learn more about your work?

 People may visit my websites, and, to learn more about my products. I am open to emails as well at or  I am also on Facebook and Instagram w/ ArtYouWearbyPixie , and on Facebook for Pixieglas.

 What do you enjoy most about living on the First Coast?

I’d have to say the beach. I am an earth sign and being able to get to the beach in a few minutes is a true blessing.

What do you like to do in your free time?      

I love to cook. Actually, my first foray into entrepreneurship was baking sweets and catering. I am also an avid reader and love to travel.