One of Us: Steve Lourie


Steve Lourie is one half of the team bringing Coastal Wine Market & Tasting Room to Nocatee’s growing Town Center. He and his wife and co-founder, Shaun Lourie, have combined their passion and expertise in opening CWM. Now, as residents and business owners in Nocatee, they are offering customers an elevated retail experience by presenting a diverse selection of exceptional wines, craft beers and artisan accompaniments available inside CWM’s warm, rustic setting. The couple’s own philosophy -- that wine is best enjoyed with company -- is what they believe sets them apart. With a grand opening slated for the spring of 2016, Coastal Wine Market & Tasting Room’s sommelier wants everyone to know what they have to look forward to from its proprietors.

How did you get into the business — what made you want to open a wine market?

After visiting California’s Los Olivos area, my dream of bringing the unique ambiance of West Coast wine tasting venues to the East Coast began taking shape. This is the concept we are bringing to CWM and to our customers –it’s about the wine, its diverse culture, the eclectic nuances of wine making itself, and, of course, its presentation.

How long have you been in the wine business?

My career started out in the Food and Hospitality industry which quickly led to coordination of Corporate Dining Events where I was responsible for the purchasing of wines. This became the catalyst for my interest in the wine industry, its fascinating history and how people enjoy learning about its production. Shaun and I both agree that an interest in wine gains new perspective when it is shared with someone.

What can people expect from Coastal Wine Market and Tasting Room?

CWM seamlessly blends a wine and beer shopping experience with the comfort and relaxing atmosphere of a winery tasting room. We want our customers to immerse themselves in the taste and psychology of wines and craft beer. Come in and leisurely browse our offerings while enjoying a glass of wine, or an IPA. You may also choose to relax at one of our table tops with your beverage and converse with our staff who will be happy to help you in determining the best selections for you, your occasion, or gifting.

What’s something you want everyone to know about your business?

You might say we’re a retail store with a twist. CWM is a destination where you can be confident in getting qualified advice, buying the best of wines and craft beers, and, if you choose, learn about their history as well. There’s no pretense, no presumptions at CWM – we’re just happy to have everyone over to see what we’re about! We want our customers to feel as if we’re entertaining them in an intimate, relaxed wine cellar.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

We get to create a culture of conversation and camaraderie. We have the opportunity to meet the residents of Nocatee and its surrounding communities. And, we love the idea of being a part of the commercial and residential growth in St. John’s County by offering people a new and exciting community venue. We intend to capture good feelings at CWM. We look forward to having you over.