One of Us: Worley Faver


Worley Faver has deep roots in the Ponte Vedra/Palm Valley community. His ancestors have lived in the area for more than a century. Yet it is a deep connection to the peoples and traditions of the American Southwest that inform and inspire his work as an artist. His handmade pottery is exhibited in numerous galleries, and is featured in the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach’s exhibition. Titled “Visions: Ancient & Modern,” the exhibition continues through January 5, 2017.

How long have you lived in Palm Valley?

My maternal grandfather, Will DeGrove, arrived in Diego (Palm Valley) in 1896 and built a large house, which still stands today.  I grew up in what became known as “The Big House.”

How did you become interested in pottery as an art form? 

During a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1989, I became aware of Pueblo pottery.  I visited the pueblo of famed potter Maria Martinez. This visit began my journey with "The Clay," which has lasted now for almost 30 years.

Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces?

The design of my work is derived from meditation and dreams.

Describe the process for creating a typical piece

After the general design and dimensions of the piece are determined, I visualize the form, texture and finish of the piece. Once these details are set, then it takes up to four weeks to create a large piece. The work then dries for at least three weeks and is then fired. Firing determines the color of the work. Black pieces are cooled to 900 degrees in the kiln and then submerged in saw dust. I never use glazes: All shiny portions of the pieces are burnished with a smooth stone, just as was done by the Pueblos. All of my hand tools used in construction could be fabricated in the woods. I only use earthenware clay dug from a pit in Georgia.

Where do you exhibit your works?

My work is exhibited at Cutter and Cutter Fine Art located at 25 King St., St. Augustine and also in Sawgrass Village.  My work is also in private collections throughout North America and Canada.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

We have three children, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren, so family time is one of our greatest joys.  My wife Dena and I also love spending time with family in Hopetown, Abacos, Bahamas.