Palm Valley leaders meet to address community issues

Traffic, zoning among key concerns


Traffic and roadway issues, zoning variances and mobility issues are among the key priorities identified by the Palm Valley Community Association (PVCA), which recently held its second leadership meeting.

Organizers said the meeting was held to increase collaboration among area homeowner’s associations and help influence public policy on quality of life issues.

“Given that the homeowners’ associations for the planned communities along Palm Valley Road represent more than half of total Palm Valley households,” incoming PVCA President Deborah Lamir said, “it’s important that everyone have a seat at the table on discussions that affect our shared future.”

Board Member Brian Hurdis reviewed the community association’s current activities, including participation in the Citizens Traffic Task Force; collaboration with the SJC Sheriff’s Department on traffic control, public safety and crime prevention; the focus on growth management (density/zoning); the Pave The Way sidewalk action committee; the PV/PV Greenways Initiative; and community events like the Food Truck Friday Night, the Palm Valley Farmers Market and various community beautification activities.

Vice President Greg Leonard, meanwhile, reviewed the key findings from the initial Palm Valley leadership meeting held in April. In addition to traffic and zoning issues, Leonard said, mobility topics such as the proposed PV/PV Greenway and sidewalk initiatives were important to local residents.

The HOA board representatives agreed to take information provided by the PVCA on the status of activities related to these priorities and disseminate that information to all of their homeowner residents.

“By bringing representatives of all of our Palm Valley communities together,” Lamir said, “we can most effectively influence public policies that will sustain and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Northeast St. Johns County.”

Founded in 1948, the Palm Valley Community Association works to represent the common interests and shared views of all members of the greater northeastern St. Johns County area. For more information, contact PVCA Vice President Greg Leonard at (904) 806 4111.