PAStA Art Gallery features ceramicist Sheryl Sherwood


The Professional Artists of St. Augustine (PAStA) Fine Art Gallery, of 214 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, hosted Sheryl Sherwood’s new hand-built pottery during First Friday Art Walk, May 5, and is exhibiting her work throughout May.

Sherwood’s unique clay vessels and sculptures are individually made using coils during the hand-building. Incorporating a variety of textures, each piece is not only a visual work of art, but a tactile experience, as well.

A life-long artist with a grounding in drawing and painting, Sherwood has been involved in visual arts over the course of her adult life. Over a decade ago, she found clay to be her passion. All of her unique designs are hand-coiled, and combine her love of scripture, work and life experiences. Each piece is inscribed with a scripture reference.

Due to Sherwood’s teaching experience with blind and visually impaired children, she uses natural and recyclable materials to make textures and carvings that allow people to experience the art with their hands. She uses a variety of firing methods, such as Raku, pit firing and saggar firing to achieve interesting coloring on each piece.

Sherwood’s goal is that every pottery piece remains in its most organic form, while including movement, texture and carvings for visual and tactile appeal.

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