PAStA welcomes acclaimed artist Deborah Lightfield


The Professional Artists of St. Augustine (PAStA) has announced the addition of renowned artist Deborah Lightfield to its collective. With a career spanning decades, Lightfield brings her distinctive artistic vision and unparalleled expertise to further enrich the vibrant tapestry of the St. Augustine arts community.

Lightfield is widely celebrated for her captivating artworks that intricately blend realism with elements of surrealism, inviting viewers into enchanting worlds of imagination and introspection. Her mastery of light, color and texture imbues her pieces with a transcendent quality that resonates deeply with the public.

On various artworks, she employs her “ocean wash” technique, a process she began 30 years ago, in which she submerges the paper or canvas directly into the ocean waves and utilizes the resulting layer of wet sand to become part of the painting.

“We are thrilled to welcome Deborah Lightfield to the Professional Artists of St. Augustine,” said Valarie Pothier-Forrester, president of PAStA. “Her extraordinary talent and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence perfectly align with our mission to foster creativity and collaboration within our vibrant artistic community.”

Throughout her career, Lightfield has garnered numerous accolades for her contributions to the arts. Her works have been showcased in prestigious galleries and exhibitions across the country, captivating art enthusiasts with their emotive power and technical precision.

“I am truly honored to join the Professional Artists of St. Augustine and become a part of this dynamic and supportive artistic family,” said Lightfield. “St. Augustine's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty have long been a wellspring of inspiration for my work, and I am eager to contribute to the thriving arts scene of this historic city.”

To learn more about Lightfield and view her portfolio, go to or on the PAStA website,