Pediatric Care Center launches North Florida’s only pediatric telemedicine service


Pediatric Care Center, with three regional locations, has launched what it says is Jacksonville’s only telemedicine tool available for private pediatric patients.

The software and platform – available at its 24-hour Baymeadows location (its main overnight hub) – helps doctors see and diagnose patients with advanced diagnostics coupled with two-way video and voice. According to the local medical facility, it is the only technology of its kind available at a private pediatric care center in the region, as well as across the country.

The technology will be used in overnight visits to the care center to ease in diagnosis without calling in a doctor, which can take time in travel. The doctor, assisted by an on-site nurse, will be able to diagnose patients through otoscope, stethoscope and high-definition camera—something not available to other programs that utilize video only. According to Pediatric Care Center, this technology allows doctors to diagnose common conditions like ear aches and sore throats and prescribe appropriate treatments like antibiotics without concern of an incorrect diagnosis or inappropriate use of antibiotics.

“This technology is revolutionizing the care we provide patients,” said Dr. Norberto Benitez, the owner and founder of Pediatric Care Center. “Technology is an important component in the evolution of healthcare, especially when trying to achieve the quickest care with expert diagnosis and cost savings.”

Pediatric Care Center has been in a three-month trial use of the technology and has experienced a 300 percent increase in overnight visits to the center since the launch. The team attributes the increase to the availability of telemedicine, which gives patients and parents a concrete diagnosis and prescribed meds for which they previously would have gone to the emergency room.

Pediatric Care Center is a wholly private pediatric care center that offers routine pediatric care in an office that has extended hours for well and sick visits. It is the nation’s only pediatrician practice that offers overnight visits for parents and their children who are regular patients. This service, now in its 12th year, prevents expensive and time-consuming emergency room visits for the routine illnesses of childhood, according to the facility. All current Pediatric Care Center patients are eligible for the new telemedicine service.

Pediatric Care Center accepts most insurance plans and accepts new patients from infants to teens. For more information about 24/7 Pediatric Care Center, please visit or call (904) 519-6555.