PGA Tour pro golfer: 'My wife has gone crazy'

Lucas Glover’s wife arrested on charges of domestic battery, resisting arrest


Krista Glover, the wife of PGA Tour golfer and 2009 U.S. Open winner Lucas Glover, was arrested in Ponte Vedra Beach Saturday, May 12 on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting an officer without violence.

According to the arrest report filed by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO), deputies were dispatched to the rental property the Glovers were staying at Saturday night after receiving an emergency call from the suspect herself.

“I’ve been attacked by my mother-in-law,” 36-year-old Glover tells the dispatcher in a recording of the call obtained by the Recorder. “She’s in here, she’s locked herself in the room and she’s attacked us.”

The dispatcher attempted to obtain more information from Glover but was disconnected. Then, when the dispatcher called Glover back, her husband answered the phone.

“We’ve got our lines crossed here,” he said. “This is the sane one of the bunch. My wife has called you … and now she’s trying to blame it on my mother, which is just not the case at all. … My wife has gone crazy.”

According to the arrest report, when SJSO arrived on the scene, deputies were informed by the golfer that the altercation had occurred following his “bad round of golf” earlier that day at THE PLAYERS Championship. He stated that his wife had been “drinking all day,” and that she had become upset over his performance, eventually starting a physical altercation with him. His mother, he said, had intervened to stop the altercation, at which point his wife redirected her aggression towards his mother. The golfer also informed SJSO that such behavior was not unusual for his wife, claiming that she would yell at him and threaten to take their children away from him “every time he performed poorly in a tournament,” and that he was “tired of the altercations.”

Upon observation, both Krista Glover’s husband and her mother-in-law were found to have lacerations on their arms, and the latter — who had blood on her clothing and skin — claimed she had also been struck in the chest by Glover. Glover, meanwhile, appeared unharmed.

Given the evidence and statements received, the deputies decided there was probable cause to arrest Glover for domestic battery. When they attempted to do so, however, she reportedly resisted, becoming “verbally and physically aggressive” and wrapping her legs around the door and frame of the patrol car. Once deputies had secured her in the back seat, Glover then proceeded to scream and “forcefully kick” the car door, causing it to separate from the frame. After being transferred to another car, Glover continued to be aggressive with her arresting deputies on the way to the jail, shouting statements like, “This is why cops get shot in the face” and “Wait until the Tour hears about this — you’ll lose your job.”

The arrest report further notes that, upon realizing that Glover was being arrested, her husband began to alter his previous statements about what had occurred, stating that there had been no physical altercation and refusing to complete a sworn affidavit. On Tuesday, he released a statement via Twitter, referring to the incident as a “private matter” from which he hoped his wife would be cleared.

Glover spent one night in the St. Johns County Jail and was released Sunday, May 13 on a $2,500 bond.