Phantom Fireworks offers tips to keep pets calm amid Fourth of July fireworks


With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, Phantom Fireworks is reminding those partaking in the holiday celebration to remember that some pets adversely react to the lights and noise of fireworks.

With a little extra effort, however, pets can be spared the trauma they sometimes experience from fireworks by considering the following:

·       Keep pets indoors during fireworks displays.

·       Turn on the TV or radio and air conditioning to help mask the noise of the fireworks. Keep pets in a soothing, dark room with light jazz or classical music playing. The idea is to muffle the fireworks noise with something soothing. Close draperies to help soundproof the residence.

·       Walk or exercise the pet prior to the fireworks, so he/she may sleep through the fireworks.

·       Be home or have someone at home indoors with the pet to offer encouragement and support.

·       Close all windows and doors and block pet doors to prevent escape.

·       Try distracting the pet as soon as the fireworks begin by involving the pet in something enjoyable like “fetch.”

·       Prepare a safe area where the pet can “burrow in” to feel safe. Play a radio near that area and feed the pet there to help him/her associate the area with other good things.

·       Do not take the pet to a fireworks show or let the pet outdoors while fireworks are being used.