Planning to travel? Why it’s important to consult a travel adviser


Let’s chat travel.

For the last 10 years the small business travel industry has taken a hit due to the “quick click” booking engines available on the internet.

Remember back-in-the-day when you could call or walk in to see your local travel adviser (an actual person), sit down, establish that personal relationship and create an amazing vacation you are still talking about today? Now, you are stressing about making sure you are putting in the correct dates and organizing your reservation numbers! Shall I bring up if you booked your transfers as well as insurance for those “just in case” situations?

Oh, and the most important: Do you have any idea — other than reviews — where the hotel is, if it is safe, will it accommodate all of your needs? Yep, I bet you are thinking you should have called your local travel adviser.

Let’s chat about one of the latest travel trends we are seeing: the comeback of cruising!

Since the first no-sail order back at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise lines have faced many challenges, including required halting of operations and dramatic loss of revenue. However, all of that appears to be turning around as passengers are excited and ready to cruise again! That, combined with the CDC dropping its advisory against cruise travel led to record cruise bookings in March of 2022.

More ships are heading back out to sea, and many destinations from the Caribbean to Alaska are expecting to see a boom in cruise travel this year. Several cruise operators, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney Cruise Line, have even launched brand new ships following the pandemic.

In order to minimize risk and put passengers at ease, most cruise lines require proof of vaccination or pre-cruise COVID testing. Requirements vary by age and cruise operator and are consistently being updated based on the most recent CDC guidelines and government mandates. This is a major reason to consider utilizing the services of a travel agency for your upcoming adventures, including cruising. In addition to keeping you up to date on the latest policy changes, we are also receiving constant feedback regarding current cruise conditions, either by traveling ourselves or through feedback from our guests who are cruising. That allows us to give our clients the latest tips for making the most of their experiences onboard and in port.

And why us? Travel Advisors Unlimited LLC is a local, full-service travel agency offering theme-park packages, all-inclusive Caribbean vacations, custom tours, destination wedding/honeymoon planning, domestic and international travel, and of course, cruises!

Based in St. Augustine, Sarah Stecker, CEO and founder, started the company after over a decade of working as a travel consultant with other agencies when she saw a major shift in the travel industry and a demand for personal client reassurance following the shake-up that occurred during the pandemic.

Travel advisers provide the support clients need in the event of an unexpected challenge, delay or cancellation before or during travel. They are there to help you navigate those situations that have the potential to ruin your vacation plans.

So, as you prepare for your next adventure — whether it is a cruise or any other type of travel, remember to reach out to your local travel advisers!