Ponte Vedra Beach resident finds metal in Halloween candy


Halloween may be known as a night of “tricks and treats,” but the metal shards Ponte Vedra Beach resident Lucille Bastion found in her stepdaughter’s Halloween candy appear to have been unintentional, according to the police report filed by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO).

Bastion notified SJSO of the incident on Nov. 6, stating that it was the suspicious look of one of her stepdaughter’s candy wrappers that first caught her attention. According to the report, the wrapper “appeared to be three separate candy wrappers which were never separated by the manufacturer.” After further inspection, Bastion found small fragments of metal inside the candy bar. She informed SJSO that she did not know which house her stepdaughter had obtained the candy from, but that she had contacted the candy manufacturer to inquire further.

After examining the wrapper, SJSO concluded that the incident was most likely the result of a manufacturing equipment malfunction. The incident is not being investigated as a criminal matter.