PVPV/Rawlings students raise money through acts of kindness to sponsor service dog at K9 for Warriors


The PVPV/Rawlings project, “10 Small Steps of Kindness, One Giant Leap for K9s,” raised $11,471 to sponsor a service dog at K9 for Warriors.

The school voted to name the service dog Rawly.

To accomplish this goal, students were asked to complete 10 acts of kindness and then reflect upon their favorite one. Staff then selected the “10 Top Kids of Kindness.”  Below are the acts that they performed:


·         Kindergartener Vann bought dinner over to a neighbor who lost her husband this year. Vann enjoys doing things to make her neighbor smile.

·         Kindergartener Mason kept an 80-year-old neighbor company who was lonely.

·         First grader Harper’s neighbors recently passed away from cancer. Harper has been going over to check on the neighbor’s wife and delivering treats, drawings, hugs or anything to cheer her up. Harper’s family will miss their neighbor forever, but they are happy to continue their friendship with his wife.

·         Second grader Jake volunteered at the homeless shelter on Christmas.

·         Third grader Jackson sat next to a kid when the student had nobody to talk to.

·         Fourth grader Charlie organized a lemonade stand with his sister and his neighbor to raise money for Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.  They raised $36, used the money to buy toys and dropped them off at Christmas.

·         Fifth grader Chase saw a turtle walking on the road, so he stopped and helped it cross.

·         Fifth grader Juliette and her brother and sister completed a beach cleanup and filled over three bags of trash.

·         Fifth grader Emma helps her older brother William, who has Down syndrome, with his school work.

·         Fifth grader Taylor volunteered serving at the homeless shelter on Christmas.


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