Refinishing franchise sees growth potential in Ponte Vedra


Miracle Method, a surface refinishing franchise, will bring its services to Ponte Vedra.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Miracle Method has more than 140 locations throughout the United States and Canada. With ownership seeking to expand the business even further, Vice President of Franchise Development Gwyn O’Kane said that Florida would be an ideal place to start.

“What’s surprising to me is the fact that we don’t have a lot of representation here in Florida,” the Cocoa Beach resident said. “This is a part of the country where we have a lot of tile because of the climate…so there’s huge potential for this market compared to other markets around the country where they tend to use a bit more carpet and linoleum.”

O’Kane explained that refinishing is a practical alternative to total refurbishment, as the process only takes a fraction of the time to complete.

“The process takes, usually, a day in prep and applying the resurface material, and then the second day it’s about coming in, cleaning, finishing and cleaning up,” O’Kane said. “So it’s a very quick process for homeowners or businesses...because we can be in and out within a couple of days, as opposed to having your bathroom out of commission for weeks.”

O’Kane added that refinishing is also a much more affordable option.

“For the consumer, it’s really about offering a cost-effective alternative to complete destruction of a bathroom and rebuilding,” he said. “We often say it’s about a 75 percent less cost than complete refurbishment.”

According to O’Kane, Miracle Method’s finish is ideal not only for aesthetics, but also for sanitation.

“Wherever you have grout lines, you have the potential for grime, dirt and germs,” he explained. “Our surface actually goes over the top of grout lines, so it makes the surface look beautiful, but it also makes it much more hygienic and much easier to clean. If you’ve got people cleaning hotel rooms, or if you’re in a hospital where cleanliness is imperative, or in a school where you want to reduce germs and keep the kids clean, this is an incredible option to not only beautify, but also sanitize and make safe.”

O’Kane advised that while the franchise does not yet have a timeline in place as to when it will be able to open its Ponte Vedra location, the decision to do so is final.

“It’s coming,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of interest across Florida now that I’m spending time here and engaged with people throughout the entire state, including Ponte Vedra, so it’s not a question of whether, it’s just a question of when.”