Rick Mansfield letter to the editor


I totally support Philip Vineyard’s opposition to the continued development of the Oak Bridge Club; however, his letter (published in the May 10 Recorder) contained a huge discrepancy regarding the "gated communities" limited access claims.

The idea that the gate guards or patrol officers actually do their job is a stretch of the imagination, at least more like a huge farce. I have a friend who I secured a 30-day pass for and for six months he was never challenged at the gate.

Recently, there was a hugely complimentary restaurant review for the 3 Palms Grille restaurant located at the Oak Bridge Club, plus a restaurant at the Players Club clubhouse that is open to the public. Simply mention you’re going to the restaurant or have a tee time and it's “come on in.” I know because I tested my theory in a friend’s car, and it worked every time.

As for patrol, when you call for assistance, they refer you to the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office. I have observed one officer asleep in his patrol car parked under the Palm Valley bridge and often you will find a car pulled up tight in the recreation field parking lot, almost invisible to passing traffic. For this, thousands upon thousands of dollars per year are budgeted for controlled access.

It is my understanding that Mr. Miler intends to replace the swimming pool with a daycare center, even more unchallenged entries, not to mention the hundreds of deliveries and maintenance crews that come and go on a daily basis, sometimes pausing at the end of the day to fish in one of the numerous ponds.

I live in the Oak Bridge subdivision, and the only thing the Oak Bridge Club does for me is lengthen the time it takes to leave or enter my subdivision.

I much prefer a nature park; it would only increase the value of my home.