Royal proclamation decrees Atkinsons Sawgrass monarchs


Party guests and patrons at Whiskey Jax Oct. 12 were shocked by the news of a royal decree by Queen Elizabeth II proclaiming Sawgrass to be a British monarchy and King Richard and Queen Lynn Atkinson as the noble ruling couple. 

Within the tradition of Ned Sherrin, writer/producer of “This Was The Week That Was” – the hilarious BBC news satire in the 60s – Monty Python, and Benny Hill, Richard and Lynn Atkinson were anointed king and queen of the new Sawgrass monarchy by an official royal decree.  At the royal coronation party, King Richard, accompanied by popular local entertainer Murray Goff, wowed the crowd with his trademark song, “I Left my Heart in Ponte Vedra,” a la Tony Bennett. The decree noted that it was good to be king, but as we all know, the queen rules!

The Atkinsons proudly display the royal proclamation in their new palace and look forward to being noble rulers of Sawgrass without any parliamentary or papal restrictions, but somewhat dismayed by not being able to build a moat/drawbridge to protect the palace from ignoble uprisings because of EPA protection of baby sea turtles.

Brits Richard and Lynn are well liked and well known longtime residents of Sawgrass and noted for their contributions to the arts and entertainment within the community. Part owners of the popular MacKenzie’s Steak House and Piano Bar at Sawgrass Village, they produced, directed, and performed in the local stage production musical “Le Chateau” and are active members of the Beaches Brass organization. They are also the proud parents of three daughters, including Jayne Atkinson, a successful stage and screen star. They recently purchased an oceanfront condo next to Sawgrass Country Club.

A well deserved congratulations to the new king and queen of Sawgrass.