Sheriff’s Office: Drugs involved in Solana Cay murder-suicide


A double shooting in Solano Cay resulted in two teen deaths, last Feb. 9 at approximately 1:45 a.m. New information released May 29 by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office points to a probable murder-suicide.

The investigative report indicates 18-year-old Christian Ramos as the shooter.

According to the 21-page report, Ramos killed himself after shooting his 17-year-old male friend in his bedroom in Solano Cay. The victim’s name has been held under Marcy’s Law.

Officers on scene reported finding multiple weapons and drugs in the home, including a .9 mm Glock handgun, which has been identified as the probable murder-weapon.

Additionally, investigators found a backpack with marijuana and a measuring scale inside by the bodies, as well as an empty bottle of pills. An autopsy report found the deaths to be caused by a gunshot wound to the head. Alcohol, THC and Benzodiazepines were found in both Ramos and the victim.

SJSO interviewed multiple witnesses directly after the incident along with friends of the two teens. One witness that was in the home at the time of the murder said Ramos had come downstairs to get a snack before returning upstairs when they heard a door slam a few minutes before gunshots. Ramos was found lying on the bed with the victim on the floor beside it after breaking into the locked bedroom.

A close friend of both Ramos and the victim stated that the two friends were on good terms, although Ramos seemed upset that night about an unidentified ex-girlfriend. He stated, however, that “he has never seen any physical confrontations between Christian and [the victim] in the past,” according to the report. The interview also revealed that Ramos had offered to sell two stolen firearms the night before.

Another friend told the police that they believed Ramos and the victim were selling Xanax and thought they were addicted and were struggling to quit.

One witness said they saw guns in Ramos’ bedroom and that two days prior a green Range Rover showed up at the home and pointed something out of the window. Ramos came out and pushed one of the people out of the car and pointed a gun to their head, the report said.

An investigation of Ramos and the victims cell phones indicated numerous text messages detailing “narcotic related activities, specifically the sale and purchase of narcotics.”


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