Snorkels, scallops and scouting

Snorkeling badge sets local Boy Scouts apart


Fall may be here, but fun in the water isn’t over quite yet for the Boy Scouts of Ponte Vedra Beach.

After mastering their snorkleing skills in the pool with instruction from assistant scoutmaster Brian Kiel, Ponte Vedra’s Boy Scout Troop 277 enjoyed a “Scallop N’Fishing” weekend campout in Steinhatchee, Fla. Each month, the troop has different campouts or activities where the boys enjoy the outdoors, have fun, learn to lead other and push themselves beyond their comfort zone, Kiel said.

Over the weekend, 28 scouts and 12 adults camped, scalloped and fished during the great weather. Scallops were abundant and 31 of the 40 scouters new to scalloping caught their first of many scallops. Plenty of fish were caught along with nearly 35 gallons of scallops caught between five different boats.

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