Spring fashion: Expert tells us what to watch for

New boutique offers variety of fun ways to shop


Women who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends and, especially, what works best for them are discovering Fleur de Lis Boutique Florida. That’s because business owner Lisa Keller knows what she’s talking about. She has spent her entire life in the fashion world.

And that’s no exaggeration. When she was just 2 years old, her mother began to dress her in fancy apparel, and Keller’s love of clothing and style has only increased since.

“I remember telling my parents as a teenager, ‘I’m going to fashion school in New York City,’” she said. At the time, it was quite a declaration. In her small town south of Buffalo, fashion was not something her contemporaries cared about.

Her parents attempted to temper what might have seemed like an adolescent pipe dream, but Keller was not dissuaded.

“I went to the Fashion Institute in New York City,” she said. “I didn’t have interest in anything else.”

For several years, she worked for David Yurman, one of the country’s top luxury jewelry brands. She went on to work for Kenneth Cole, this time as the liaison between the brand and the manufacturer in Hong Kong.

After marrying and having a family, she became a rep and stylist for Stella & Dot, a jewelry company. That job introduced her to the world of in-home pop-up shops, a business model that would play an important role in the years ahead.

Keller’s family was living in New Jersey when, two years ago, her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It clarified their priorities, especially after Keller’s husband had to quit his job on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. First, they decided that the time had come to move to Florida. Second, Keller recognized she would have to convert her in-home sales pastime into a full-blown business.

That’s when Fleur de Lis Boutique Florida was born. At first, sales were all online, but Keller quickly added the pop-up shops with which she was so familiar.

“Women love them because it’s an easy excuse to get girls together and shop,” she said.

One of the unique services she offers is personal styling.

“It’s not just walking into a shop and somebody says hello and then you’re on your own,” she said. “I get to know them. I get to know what colors they like, what colors they look best in.”

She learns about her customers’ lifestyles and makes suggestions.

In December, Fleur de Lis Boutique Florida added something new: a physical location at the link in Nocatee, though it’s important to note that services there are available by appointment only.

Keller also participates in vendor events, where she brings racks of clothing and her ever-popular hot-pink try-on tent.

What’s In

Keller pointed out a few colors that are going to be really popular this spring. She predicted that red would be big, as would shades of blue — especially what is known as “dusty blue.”

“Last year, it was hot pink,” she said. “Hot pink was everywhere. It’s still relevant, for sure, but these other colors are kind of taking over. The Pantone color of 2024 is light peach. Of course, there are different takes on that.”

A trending accessory is bows, especially bows worn in the hair as in times past. Keller even intends to add bow earrings to her stock.

“And super-feminine things like lace are really big,” she added. “Florals are always really big for spring, too.”

To order from Fleur de Lis Boutique Florida online, schedule an in-home pop-up shop or personal styling session or to make an appointment to visit Keller’s space at the link, go to fleurdelisboutiqueflorida.com or contact her through Instagram Messenger or Facebook Messenger.