St. Nicholas, Beaches car washes sold to Interlinx


The St. Nicholas and Beaches car washes have been sold to Jacksonville-based Interlinx Technologies, Gateway Business Advisors announced.

Owned and operated by the Lindley family since it was built in 1969, the St. Nicholas Car Wash is one of the oldest family-owned car washes in the region. The late George H. Lindley began his car wash business in 1952 with a location at the foot of the Main Street Bridge. At that time, it was on the main route through Jacksonville. He opened two more in subsequent years, including one in the Stockton Street area and then the St. Nicholas Car Wash.

“Cars came from up north and were filthy from the snow,” said son George A. Lindley, who took over the St. Nicholas location in 1971 from his father and bought the Beaches Car Wash in 1988. “People would drive right to us as soon as they got into town. I was raised in the car wash business.”

The sale of the car washes came about when Interlinx engaged Gateway Business Advisors to find a company in which to invest. Interlinx President David Johnson said the company was looking for a longstanding local business that included real estate. Discussions to purchase the St. Nicholas location quickly progressed to an agreement to buy both the St. Nicholas and Beaches car washes, once the parties began to negotiate.

“Gateway Business Advisors knew the Jacksonville market well and was instrumental in helping us find what we were looking for,” Johnson said. “We looked at a number of companies in different industries, but the stability and quality of these car washes were very attractive. The fact that they were local landmarks, had been in business for so long and had a satisfied clientele sold us.”

Gateway Business Advisors President Gary Hallett noted, “When you have a strong business that is well-run and cooperation from both buyer and seller, that makes for a successful deal. It was also positive because the buyers were respectful and appreciative of the existing businesses and the great service that they currently provide.”

While Interlinx has short-term plans for some renovations at the St. Nicholas location, the overall formula and operation of the car washes will remain the same. Lindley will remain on board as a consultant during the initial transition. Many employees at the car washes have been there for decades, and Interlinx plans to maintain and encourage the cohesive team atmosphere.

“In an industry that typically has a lot of turnover, it is so refreshing to have a company where the employees understand the vision and take pride in their work,” said Interlinx Vice President Brian Martin. “These car washes have provided a great experience for customers that we want to continue. We are extremely excited to be able to carry on the Lindley legacy.”

The St. Nicholas Car Wash is located at 3237 Beach Blvd. just southeast of downtown Jacksonville. Beaches Car Wash is located at 1401 Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville Beach