Student artists show off work at Crisp-Ellert Art Museum


The Crisp-Ellert Art Museum (CEAM), 48 Sevilla St., St. Augustine, on the Flagler College campus, hosted an Art Portfolio Exhibition on Thursday, Dec. 7, for a collection of the school’s soon-to-be graduates.

With 13 students earning their Bachelor of Arts degree, and one earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the museum’s exhibition halls were lined with a unique selection of pieces for the public to enjoy.

Since each of these student’s portfolios are showcased, this exhibition housed a multitude of art forms including hand-built ceramics, crochet pieces, oil paintings, illustrations, photography, printmaking and more.

“While these exhibitions are a bit of a whirlwind event, they’re truly a great opportunity for students to show off their hard work,” said Julie Dickover, director of CEAM.

With the pieces only on display for two days, the museum flooded with people hoping to admire the portfolios before they would be taken down. These 14 students were able to share their work with family, friends, peers and even locals who just stopped by to see what all the fuss was about.

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