Students portray historical figures in Bolles Lower School Wax Museum performance


Students at the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus recently took on the roles of historical figures in the school’s Grade 2 Wax Museum performance.

Held March 22, the performance was the culmination of several weeks of study, beginning in early January when students learned about historical figures. Students then studied facts about the character they'd chosen to portray, from their childhood interests to their biggest achievements in life.

In class, students painted portraits of their subjects. In the final weeks, students considered how they might portray their characters onstage, writing scripts and developing costumes and props that would best tell their story in a performance setting. The final result was a colorful Live Wax Museum show directed by music teacher Stacey Posick.

A wide range of characters were represented, including Sacagawea, Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs. About 30 second grade students practiced the art of public speaking by sharing their historical findings on stage.