The 411 on Mother's Day flowers


The tradition of Mother's Day in the United States dates back more than a century to 1908, when West Virginia native Anna Jarvis held a memorial service to honor her mother, who had passed away three years earlier, and all mothers in Grafton, West Virginia.

Mother's Day would ultimately become a national holiday in the United States in 1914, thanks in large part to Jarvis' campaigning. As Jarvis, who never married and never had children of her own, grew old, she criticized Mother's Day as overly commercial, even trying to have it removed from the calendar. Those efforts failed, and Mother's Day remains popular now, more than 100 years after the idea for it was conceived.

While Mother's Day traditions have changed since Jarvis first proposed the holiday, many people feel it's customary to give mothers gifts on Mother's Day, when moms take the day off from chores and relax with their families. Flowers make for popular Mother's Day gifts, and well-wishers who want to give the special women in their lives flowers this year can consider a host of varieties.



Carnations are popular Mother's Day flowers, perhaps because they are available in a number of colors. That means it's highly likely sons, daughters, husbands and others gifting moms this Mother's Day can find some carnations in mom's favorite color. Ask your florist about what each carnation color symbolizes, as each has its own unique meaning. Pink carnations, for example, are believed to symbolize a mother's love.



Few mothers can resist roses, making them one of the more popular flowers come Mother's Day. Roses are symbolic of love and make the perfect floral gift for mothers who like traditional flowers. If you want to spice things up, order a bouquet made up of roses of various colors.



Yellow is synonymous with spring, and daffodils can highlight the season in which Mother's Day takes place while also providing a cheerful look that's perfect for Mother's Day floral bouquets. Daffodils can be given on their own or added to mixed bouquets. Daffodils also last quite a while when cared for correctly, giving moms more than just a few days to enjoy their bouquets.



Like daffodils, freesia are long-lasting, meaning mothers will still be enjoying them long after Mother's Day has come and gone. The inviting fragrance of freesia makes bouquets of these flowers popular choices for Mother's Day gifts. Freesia also come in many colors, proving Mother's Day gift givers a greater chance of finding flowers their mothers will love.