A new way to celebrate

The link hosts vow renewal receptions in its immersive studio


The link, an innovation center in Nocatee, has announced the launch of its vow renewal receptions, hosted in their 360-degree immersive studio. Breaking away from tradition, the link provides couples with an unforgettable way to celebrate their love story.

The immersive studio, the largest of its kind in the nation, boasts eight projectors fusing imagery onto 1,000 square feet of canvas screens. This cutting-edge technology enables couples and their families to take a journey through their love story, showcasing the moments that led to their union. From the first date to the wedding day, every detail is brought to life.

The link’s dedicated team of storytellers works closely with couples to curate and design personalized displays. The display showcases a collection of photographs, panoramic and 360-degree visuals, important dates and significant locations in the couple's story.

This exceptional experience ensures that family and friends, who may have missed significant moments and milestones otherwise, now have the opportunity to be present and share in those memories. Whether children were unable to attend the wedding or certain family members missed witnessing a proposal, this innovative concept brings everyone together to relive and celebrate.

The receptions can hold up to 30 guests. The link collaborates with top regional chefs to provide a private dining experience, elevating the celebration with a meal tailored to the couple's preferences.

With the arrival of new immersive technology, this experience is on time for the digital age. It is ideal for those who crave adventure and want to share their story in a unique way that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

For more information on how the link can elevate a couple’s ceremony, contact Jeff Tawney, director of operations. Tawney can provide additional details, schedule tours of the venue and immersive studio, and discuss the various options available.

The link is an innovation center located in Nocatee, committed to anchoring the community while fostering creative and fulfilling interactions. With event and coworking spaces, along with engaging programming for entrepreneurs, innovators, children and families, the link has something for everyone. Learn more about the space at thelink.zone. For tours, visit 425 Town Plaza Ave., Ponte Vedra.