The Palms at Ponte Vedra resident reflects on life, shares advice approaching 100th birthday


Bud Baisden, a resident of The Palms at Ponte Vedra, is turning 100 on Friday, July 20.   

The secret to his longevity? Vitamins.

“I believe very much in vitamins,” he said. “It's not medicine; it's food that your body needs to keep working. I owe a lot, truthfully, to the vitamins I've taken.”

Bud's son Bill described his father as a man who always looks forward rather than back. He also said that his dad does a good job of keeping up with the latest advancements in technology.

"Before we moved here, he had his own email account and he surfed the web," Bill said. "He's always tried to keep up, and he's always tried to figure out what was going on and why."

Bud said he came from a place where primitive technology was the norm, and he is fascinated by the progress he has witnessed over the years.

"I come from an area where there was no radio, no television, telephones weren't even in place," he said. "I've lived through all of that and the amount of science there is today to me is hard to believe. What all is going on, it's just almost impossible for me to believe it."

An Ohio native, Bud moved to Florida in 1941 to join the Navy. He worked in a machine shop as an aviation mechanic during World War II before getting married and having a child. The veteran rose up the ranks and eventually worked his way to a position as supervisor of a 115-man shop in Guam.

According to Bud, his four-and-a-half-year stint in the Navy was one of the highlights of his life.

"I've done all kinds of sales work," he said. "But I must say that I think my favorite occupation was in the Navy and supervision in the shops I've been at."

Today, Bill and Bud maintain a close relationship. Looking back at his life, Bill revealed that if he could have picked his own parents — he wouldn’t have been capable of picking two better ones.

"I grew up in the 60s, and that was sort of a wild and crazy time," Bill said. "They showed patience and perseverance. (Bud's) easy going, he's just fun to be around even today."

As for his 100th birthday party, Bud doesn't want to do anything special. The plan is to spend quality time with family and friends while celebrating the last century of his life, which he has thoroughly enjoyed.

"I've had a wonderful life, a fantastic life," Bud said. "I've done just about everything I've wanted to do."

According to the Baisdens, the true key to Bud’s success in life has been his optimistic attitude.

“He always says, ‘It'll always work out,’” Bill noted. “Doesn't it dad?”

Bud agreed.

“They work out for me,” he responded, “I will say that.”