The way you think about exercise can impact results


Every individual who begins a training or exercise regimen has an aesthetic goal. What most people don’t realize is the way we look is a byproduct of a series of choices made over an extended period of time and applied consistently. When we focus on creating a lifestyle using healthy, consistent behaviors around eating and movement, our bodies will begin to reflect the changes we want to see.

Exercise is and should be viewed as a celebration of what our bodies are capable of doing. We don’t need a gym to exercise, but it helps when applying load for progression and improving muscle tone, shape, and size. When we exercise and our bodies build more lean muscle mass, our metabolisms increase and our total body fat is reduced, giving the appearance of a leaner, more toned physique.

The benefits of consistent exercise are all-encompassing. Our skin becomes healthier because of an increase in blood flow that provides nutrients to the skin and sweating clears the toxins. Exercise improves our mood and has been linked to reducing depression, anxiety, and stress. When we push our bodies and accomplish our goals, we feel better and we are more likely to continue the routine of activity. Consistent exercise reduces the risk of illness, heart disease, and other lifestyle-related ailments. Exercise improves body composition and helps improve digestion and nutrient absorption. The benefits are seemingly endless and we should all think of new and exciting ways to challenge ourselves physically.  

If you are new to exercise, I recommend beginning slowly and integrating something as simple as a walk after dinner. If you want to take your exercise and activity to the next level, hiring a personal trainer to guide you through routines specific to your needs and goals is a great step. Joining a recreational sports league is another way to integrate more activity and a fun competitive aspect to your lifestyle.

When asked what the best way to accomplish a goal is, my reply is always "consistency". Most people get frustrated and give up before they see any real, long-lasting changes. Being consistent and relentless in the pursuit of achieving a healthy lifestyle is the only way to make real change that will last a lifetime. The thing to remember is that what you do is your choice. If you choose yourself and your health, those around you will benefit as well.  

Marie Merritt is the owner of Momentum Wellness, LLC. Momentum Fitness is located at 5150 Palm Valley Road, Suite 103, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082. (904) 504-9894


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