Trent Real Estate opens third location in Jacksonville


Trent Real Estate has opened a new branch in Jacksonville in order to assist clients with buying and selling property for reduced 3 percent commission rates in North Florida.

The firm will also continue to work with its institutional bank clients and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to grow its distressed asset management division throughout the Florida.

Roy Trent Jr., director of operations at the company, said Trent Real Estate is pleased to be in Jacksonville and looks forward to providing the service.

“It simply doesn’t make financial sense for anyone to pay a whopping 6 percent to sell their home these days,” said Trent. “With the available technology out there and website syndication such as and Zillow, agents are doing less but getting paid more. Most sellers don’t realize that a lot of the time it’s not even the agent you hired that sells your property; it’s usually an agent from a different firm altogether.”

In addition, Trent noted, it is often buyers who let agents know they have found a home on which they would like to put an offer.

“Buyers and sellers are very empowered and they have much more information at their fingertips these days,” he said. “A 6 percent listing fee is no longer warranted in this business.”

The Trent Family has a combined 60 years in real estate, beginning when Frank Trent first started Frank Trent Real Estate in 1956. Since then, the family has gone on to close tens of thousands of properties totaling billions of dollars in real estate sales.