Trump Club meeting features Congressional District 6 debate


Fred Costello and Michael Waltz publicly touted their resumes to be the next congressman to represent District 6 at the June 4 Trump Club of St. Johns County meeting held at the St. Johns County FOP Hall.

Both candidates explained their views and what they would do if elected to face the problems they see facing the nation. Moderator Diane Scherff, along with emcee John Reardon, posed nine questions to the candidates, followed by questions posed at random by the audience, which were all answered to the apparent satisfaction of the crowd. A third contender for the office, John Ward did not appear as he had previously declined the invitation to participate in the debate.

Costello is currently a dental surgeon, and formerly served in office as Ormond Beach commissioner, mayor and state representative. He was also an Air Force captain. Waltz is currently a defense consultant, author and a Fox News contributor. He served over 21 years in the military as an Army Special Forces Green Beret lieutenant colonel in the Middle East and Africa, and in the Pentagon as defense policy advisor to Defense Secretaries Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates. Waltz also served in the White House as Vice President Dick Cheney's counterterrorism advisor.

Also at the Trump Club meeting, Dr. Michel Pawlowski, a member of the St Johns County Republican Executive Committee, presented St Johns County Trump Club President Diane Scherff with a pin from Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee. The pin was awarded for two resolutions from the club: "a Voice of the People," which Dr Pawlowski personally delivered to President Trump and other dignitaries, and for the hard work she and the club members have completed.

The Trump Club of St Johns County is growing with currently 170 active members.