"Welcome to Historic Palm Valley" sign stolen

PVCA offers reward for information, recovery of stolen sign


The Palm Valley Community Association (PVCA) is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to recovery and arrest of those responsible for the theft of a “Welcome to Historic Palm Valley” sign.

The sign was stolen from its perch on Canal Boulevard near Palm Valley Road, along with the post to which it was mounted and the concrete footer securing it. The sign, designed by Todd Lake, had been installed more than 10 years ago after it was approved for placement by the Board of County Commissioners and cost almost $2,000.

“We are hoping that the combined efforts of the Sheriff’s Department, assistance from the community and an outreach through the local newspapers will help us recover the sign,” said PVCA President Deborah Lamir.

Any information provided can be anonymous and should be directed to the PVCA Vice President Greg Leonard at (904) 806-4111