When planning a wedding, don’t forget the wine


Congratulations!  You’re getting married… Now what??? 

Planning a wedding can be stressful and with all the decisions that need to be made- cake, dress, seating chart, flowers- it’s easy to get overwhelmed with it all. 

Take a minute and think about your favorite wedding you were a guest at… what made the night so enjoyable? The DJ playing YMCA? The best man’s super-awkward speech?

For most guests at a wedding, it’s not those details that are fondly remembered. It’s the food (and most only remember if the food was bad) and the wine. But choosing the wines can be a daunting task especially if you aren’t a wine drinker or don’t know the difference between a Chardonnay and a Riesling.

To demystify the wine selection process for your upcoming nuptials, I thought I would head straight to an expert experienced in throwing some of the most lavish weddings in North Florida- Bo Cure, wine and spirits director at the Sawgrass Country Club and Beach Club in Ponte Vedra Beach.

“The first question I ask my bride and groom is, does your family like to drink!” said Bo, as we sat outside of the Beach Club on a gorgeous day in January. “It’s important to me to sit with the bride and groom and find out as much information about their family and guests as possible.” 

Cure often gets couples that aren’t that well-versed in wine but want to ensure that their wine-savvy guests are happy with the selection offered. “It’s all about making sure you know what your family and friends like to drink and coming to the table with a budget in mind,” he said. That way, he said he can assess what and how much he will need on-hand.

Most venues offer different packages to cater to different budgets, but according to Cure, tasting is key.  “Sit down with your venue coordinator, and make sure you taste each wine as you go through keeping the food choices in mind,” he said. And if you don’t like a wine in your line up, don’t be shy to ask to substitute another in at the same price point if possible.

Some pro tips from Cure to keep in mind:

·         Think about your friends and family and categorize them: Do they drink wine? Bourbon? Vodka?

·         Are your guests super wine savvy or wouldn’t notice if they had a glass of Two Buck Chuck in front of them (if so, you may be able to save on the level of package you choose.)

·         Your bar should have the basic spirits: vodka, bourbon, scotch, rum, tequila and a blended whiskey

·         One bottle of wine = 4 standard 6 oz. pours

·         One bottle of Champagne = 8 pours for the toast

Whether it’s a lavish wedding for 500 or a small, intimate affair, a well thought out wine and spirits selection will make your wedding one to remember for a long time for you and your guests- so let’s raise a glass to love in 2020!





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