Where’s the money from Amendment 1?


Where’s the money from

Amendment 1?

This month, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission official whom I won’t mention.

I was calling him about the possibility of the state approaching a wealthy land owner in the Ponte Vedra Beach area.

The FWC shows this parcel on their 15 year land acquisition list.

I had a very nice conversation with this gentleman however he informed me that no land acquisition funds have flowed down to the FWC.

In my opinion the leaders in Tallahassee mislead the public about the use of Amendment 1 funds. It was intended to purchase land for conservation.

Instead, the shady powers in the capital have siphoned millions for pet sewer projects or other projects and the portion for land acquisition is very small.

This is just very wrong but so typical of our leader.

I say hands off!

Use the money as it was intended before all our native forests are plowed under for condos and housing developments.

I hope everyone will contact their state representatives about this misuse.

Gary Coulliette

Master Naturalist

Ponte Vedra Beach