William O’Hara receives Craig Speziale Memorial Scholarship


Ponte Vedra High School senior William O’Hara is this year’s recipient of the Craig Speziale Memorial Scholarship.

Presented by the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida and Ponte Vedra High School, the scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates academic excellence, school leadership, Ponte Vedra High ambassadorship and who perpetuates the “Spirit of Spez.”

Craig Speziale was the founding principal of Ponte Vedra High School, serving in that role from 2007 until his passing in 2014. While the scholarship award is normally $2,500, contributions from the senior class executive board – who along with sponsors Ms. Collazo, Ms. Fryer and Ms. O’Brian donated the proceeds from this year’s Sadie Hawkins dance – the award is $7,600.