Womens Food Alliance expands throughout Florida

Membership applications currently being accepted


With the rapid expansion of the hospitality and food industry throughout the state, the Womens Food Alliance has made steps toward expansion.

The three-year-old alliance, whose mission is to cultivate and advance networking, education and collaboration for women in the culinary and hospitality industry throughout Florida and Southeast Georgia, offers monthly events and meetings that provide its membership of nearly 100 women with educational events and business-related seminars. Membership categories are comprised of specialty foods, marketing, public relations and media, photographers, event planners and hotel specialists, among several others. Events benefiting members include dinners and luncheons showcasing member venues, food and spirit tastings, hospitality expos, focus groups and more.

To join, applicants must work part-time or full-time (a minimum of 25 hours) in the food, beverage or hospitality industry and related fields. Membership is $50 per year by check or $52 via PayPal. Each planned event is priced according to the program and venue, with prices ranging from $15 to $50 per person. Attendance is optional for any month’s planned event, and members are not required to commit to a minimum number of events to attend. The alliance plans 10 to 12 events and programs each year, with a pre-event hour of networking and business exchange, publishing a directory that lists member information and areas of expertise at year’s end.

Applicants must submit personal and company names, title or position in the organization, a mailing address, business and cell phone numbers, a website and a preferred email address. Checks can be mailed to Leigh Cort Publicity at No. 20 Thicket Creek Trail, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 32081; applicants can pay via PayPal to leighcort@bellsouth.net.