A Trojan horse - the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement


Told that another trade treaty will improve their lives, provide jobs, and raise their standard of living, the American people will once again be betrayed by their government. Remember NAFTA and the great whooshing sound of our jobs going south? Well, that is kids’ play compared to this treaty agreement.  

This agreement will equalize us with 12 other countries. Multinational corporations will be given supreme power over U.S. courts, corporations and our laws and the sovereignty of America and 11 other nations. We will be ruled by an unelected corporate oligarchy much like the EU.

The TPP was written in secret over five years by 600 large corporations. This treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, health care, food (GMOs), copyright and patent protection, civil rights, environmental standards and much more. It’s all about the money, not the welfare of citizens. It will essentially ban all American laws, as their courts will have the final say.

Congress has been kept in the dark and had limited access to this document. They will be ratifying it shortly with just an “up and down vote”. The next two agreements to be ratified are the TTIP, which will link us to the European Union, and TISA, which will allow in unlimited immigrants. These three agreements could set the stage for a one world government.

Call your congressman now and say “No” to the TPP before it is too late.

Judy Stevens

Retired Business Owner

Ponte Vedra, FL