Alex Bennett


Alex Bennett is a fitness specialist for The PGA TOUR. A resident of Ponte Vedra Beach, he was just named one of Golf Digest’s top 50 fitness trainers.


As told to Maggie FitzRoy


Q:  What does your job entail?

A:  My main job is to help golfers stay healthy. And if they are struggling with mechanics then I make sure it’s not a physical limitation. I do an assessment of 15 different moves in a golf swing.


Q:  If it is a physical limitation, then what?

A:  Then we work on their mobility or stability. Also, I help players improve speed with the golf club.


Q:  Where do you work?

A:  The PGA TOUR’s Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass. It’s located on the range right next to the practice tee.


Q:  What golfers do you work with?

A:  I have people as young as 9 and as old as 72. Right now, I have 16 professionals. Five on The PGA TOUR and three on the European Tour and the rest are on mini tours. I am the only fitness instructor located at The Performance Center. I work as part of a team with other golf instructors, swing instructors and a club fitter. There are six of us total.


Q:  What type of educational background do you have?

A:  My college degree is actually in business, from Flagler College. And then I went back and trained with The National Academy of Sports Medicine as a professional fitness trainer. I also got my Corrective Exercise Science certification from them, too. I am also Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute certified.


Q:  How did you happen to choose your profession?

A:  I played golf professionally after college and I broke my wrist two weeks before Q-School, which is the qualifying round of tournaments to get into The PGA TOUR. I had been already through a shoulder injury from golf, which was triggered by a history of playing ice hockey and basketball growing up. I definitely found my love for what I do now from the rehab process that I went through. Just learning all the functions of the body and how it can compensate for certain limitations. The trainer I was working with while training professionally was known as the Father of Golf Fitness, Randy Meyers, and he took me under his wing. He told me I should try doing this. He mentored me along. I went into training while I was still in the cast for my wrist.


Q:  How long did the training take?

A:  About a year and a half. My parents were very supportive. My girlfriend at the time, who is my wife now, was very supportive.


Q:  Tell us about your family.

A:  I grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan. My father was in the auto industry. Mom was a stay-at-home mom who took me to all my sports. My wife, Kim, works in medical sales.


Q:  What do you do during the week of THE PLAYERS?

A:  I will only work with my TOUR players who are in the tournament that week: Billy Horschel, Sam Ryder, Lanto Griffin and Doc Redman. I work with them pretty much before they tee off. It’s a long week for me. It’s fun, though, I enjoy it. But it’s definitely busy.


Q:  What is most rewarding about your job?

A:  As someone who has been through a bunch of injuries, helping people bounce back after injury is rewarding. And—teaching young kids proper body mechanics to prevent injuries in the first place.



Photo by Maggie FitzRoy


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